Zyonna’s teacher referred her to Mt. Tahoma Site Coordinator Ms. Tracy so that we could get her resources to help her pass her math class. Zyonna had never had an issue with her grades, so it was hard for her to accept help at first, but she was so grateful for her tutor by the end of first semester her junior year. Later that year, Zyonna was scouted and offered a full-ride scholarship to play volleyball in Arizona, but first she had to graduate. As a senior this year, she enrolled in Leader Academy and has been an exemplary role model for her peers.We are so glad that she was able to get her grades squared away with the help of her tutors so that she could follow her dreams–Ms. Tracy even helped her with all the paperwork necessary to get her ready for college out of state. Although she will be missed, we are so proud of her accomplishments and know she will go on to be successful. Congratulations Zyonna!