Samalee is a first grade student at Fern Hill Elementary School. Reading has been difficult for her since English is her second language, so she was referred to the “All Star Readers” program to get some extra help from a one-on-one tutor. She and her tutor Cheryl Anne had picked out two new chapter books from the box of new books we had just received from Barnes & Noble.

She was so excited to work on her reading, she exclaimed to her Fern Hill Site Coordinator, “Look Ms. Judy, I’m going to learn how to read chapter books!” With the help of her tutor and Site Coordinator, she started to work hard, often completing two assignments in one day. Her tutor, teacher, and parents have all noticed the great growth in her reading skills, and she accomplished her goal of reading a chapter book this school year.

We all hope that her excitement to read is contagious!