Katrina had a rough start at her high school. She was failing a few classes, struggling to attend class and stay in class each day, and she was caught up in high risk behavior among her group of peers. Going into her junior year, Katrina was worried about how she would make up the credits to graduate on-time. She got connected with the CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Tracy, and found a community of support. Ms. Tracy connected Katrina with mentors and tutors to inspire her to catch up in her classes. Together, Ms. Tracy and Katrina worked on a plan to get her to graduation on time and plan for college.

After two years of hard work, Katrina was able to graduate with the Class of 2019 and will be attending college in the fall. We were honored to award Katrina with a CIS graduation sash, something has aspiring to wear since we first met her during her sophomore year. Katrina’s success is a testament to what a student can achieve through dedication and a community of support in her corner. Congratulations Katrina, we are so proud of your achievement!