Kailaya was referred to CIS for mentoring and college preparation support. We first learned about Kailaya during her freshman year, and over time she has been involved in several CIS programs at her school ⁠— girls mentor groups, resources, and assistance with planning her post-high school career.

With help from the CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Tracy, and her mentor group, Kailaya has managed to achieve and maintain her goal of earning above a 3.0 GPA every semester. In a recent letter to a member of our team Kailaya wrote, “As I sit here and think about how I am graduating in a couple of weeks, I can’t help but think where I would bef if I had not met you.”

We often forget the impact one person can make just by being a mentor or a coach, but our students never will. Kailaya will be attending college this fall and we could not be more excited for her.