Antony deserves to be recognized as an outstanding pupil. He is an Independent, resilient young man with much potential. A natural leader, Antony has become a role model to his peers through his involvement with The Healthy Youth program at Oakland High School. He participated in educational demonstrations to his peers which were a huge success.

Antony has also volunteered his time to support CIS in hosting site visits and has been instrumental in helping his Site Coordinator, Ms. Hagins-Pace, to help run “The Clothing Closet” (a resource room at Oakland with clothes, hygiene products, and other necessities). Antony also took the lead during a trip to the State capitol for Youth Legislative Day, where he stood above the crowd, showing genuine interest in the legislative processes and interviewing State Senator Steve Conway, who represents Antony’s home district.

Teachers and staff describe Antony as an insightful, sensitive, perceptive, and diligent student. One day after Garden Club, Antony’s mother expressed gratitude for providing programs and support that her son identified with as it has allowed him to break out of his shell, choose a path different from the norm and navigate through the challenging circumstances that may arise.

Antony has plans to become a firefighter here in Pierce County.