Literacy Success


Fern Hill student and mentor
Meet Esteban, an amazing 3rd grader at Fern Hill Elementary! Esteban loves school and is an incredibly hard worker. When he first arrived at Fern Hill, he did not speak fluent English. With the support of the CIS reading program and his reading tutor, Esteban’s reading scores have improved and he is on track! Esteban’s favorite sport is soccer, so as a reward after each reading session, he and his tutor get some special time to kick the ball around. Esteban’s goal is to play soccer professionally, and he is committed to getting good grades to achieve his goals. Keep it up, Esteban! 
Dixi and CIS Intern
Meet Dixi, a Senior at Mt. Tahoma High School. Dixi has put in an incredible amount of work this year. She is the President of the Poly Club, is on the Varsity softball team, and is involved in JROTC. She intends to join the Air Force after graduating high school. Coming into her senior year, she was behind in credits, but was determined to make them up and graduate on time. With the support of our Site Coordinator, Adan, and our Social Work Intern, Alia, she is set to graduate in a few months!  The CIS office has been a stable and safe environment for Dixi to grow and accomplish her goals, and we are excited to see her fly the nest and continue to soar in Air Force! 

Goal Achievement

Miss Butterfly

Photo of Malayja
Meet Malayja, a new student at Oakland High School! Malayja brightens every room she walks into. Malayja joined CIS after not being in school for almost four months, and has had to overcome many adversities. In her short period of time with CIS, she has been triumphant in her attendance, course work completion, and classroom participation. She has achieved all of the goals she has set for herself this quarter, and is excelling in her favorite classes, Algebra and Health! Malayja has high hopes of graduating high school early and becoming the first person in her family to graduate college. Our Site Coordinator, Emani, will be there every step of the way, cheering her on and supporting her dreams! 
Arlington Elementary math students photo
As the spring weather begins, our students at Arlington Elementary School eagerly look forward to the immersive story of Miss Butterfly who will be opening her tea shop soon to students. When students complete pages in their math enrichment workbooks with our Site Coordinator, Sheena, they earn stickers and play money that they will be able to use in the shop. Stay tuned for the opening of Miss Butterfly’s tea shop and Arlington Elementary students excelling in math!

Academic Success

Math Is Fun!

Photo of Leticia
Meet Leticia, a 7th grade student at Gray Middle School! She has worked with our Site Coordinator, Natia, to set academic goals for her classes this semester. Leticia was very excited to share with Natia that she met her goal and raised her grade in Spanish! Leticia is proactive with asking for help and every day she asks Natia if tutoring is available. We are so proud of you and your hard work, Leticia!!
Photo of Anthony
Meet Anthony, a student at Stewart Middle School! Anthony has been a part of Math Club, run by our Site Coordinator, Jocelyn, since the beginning of the school year. Anthony shared “Math Club is fun and will help you succeed in Math Class.” He has not only grown in improving his math skills, but has also become a leader in Math class!  He never hesitates to volunteer to help his peers in any way he can. Keep up the great work, Anthony!