Sometimes kids get lost in the shuffle. Tyree is one of those kids. At the beginning of the second semester last year, Tyree’s counselor noticed he was a class requirement short, a senior’s worse nightmare, he needed a Civics class to graduate. Fortunately, his high school was in the process of adding the Apex credit program. But Tyree was worried about taking the class along with his current class load.  That’s where Miss Terry the Communities In Schools Site Coordinator stepped in and offered him an opportunity he couldn’t pass up…Spring Break Credit Retrieval Boot Camp, not exactly what he had in mind, but Tyree put his game face on and welcomed the opportunity. Tyree committed his entire spring break to coming to school for hours each day to complete the requirements. He worked at home at night while his friends enjoyed spring break. He completed the course in eight days with a positive attitude. Everyone is proud of his diligent effort and will be cheering for him on at graduation. Then it’s on to bigger and better things, the next chapter, studying medicine.