Kui’Andre was so excited in the Fall to learn that Timm was going to be his tutor again. Timm has been volunteering with us for over five years now—his dedication and true interest of finding out who his student is and who they want to be is amazing. Timm had a bit of detective work to do this year to discover Kui’Andre’s interests. Early in the year, his reading scores only went up a few points from fall to winter testing and he’d been feeling a bit down about his ability to read fluently.

Not one to give up, Timm got to work getting to know Kui’Andre and discovering his interests and soon found out that Kui’Andre likes scary books like “Goosebumps”. Now that we have found books that Kui’Andre likes and wants to read, his self-esteem is up.

Kui’Andre’s whole circle has noticed the difference. His teacher Mrs. Keller has noticed his new love for books now, while his mom Rachel feels without this extra support he has received CIS of Tacoma & from Timm that he would not be headed in the great direction he is on now.