We recognize Jaden for her dedication to turning her life around this school year.  Jaden is currently acknowledged as a Junior, but looking at her transcript is a bleak picture.  As of late winter, Jaden was going to be extremely credit deficient going into her Senior year.  With goals of graduation on her mind, this was not a time to be credit deficient, so Jaden, her Communities In Schools’ site coordinator and the help of her school counselor teamed up together to review her credit needs and get a game plan.  She enrolled her in the 6th period On-line Credit Retrieval Class hosted by Communities In Schools.  Since being placed in the Class at the start of 2nd Semester, Jaden has completed four classes towards her credit retrieval process and she is working on completing another course this summer.  Jaden has proved to be a strong young woman who made a change for the better through self-motivation.  We are so proud of willingness to overcome the past and to complete her coursework to graduate on time.  Things are looking up and we applaud her!