After enduring numerous tragedies over this past year, Dominick’s dad reached out to CIS to see if Site Coordinator Trisha Tracy could help. It had been over a year since Dominick last attended school. To help him get caught up, Ms. Tracy paired him with a tutor right away to help him get caught up in all his classes.

When she first learned about Dominick’s passion for football, Ms. Tracy considered how we might be able to encourage him to reach his school goals with football. Our affiliate reached out to sponsors to get him an opportunity to attend a “Meet & Greet” event with former Seattle Seahawk player Marcus Trufant, on one condition: Dominick had to promise to reach his attendance goal for the entire week.

He succeeded! Dominick lit up when he shared the picture of himself and his father with the Trufant family. The once very quiet and shy young man came right out of his shell. He still has a long road ahead, but Ms. Tracy has already seen improvements in his quality of school work and attitude this last month. We look forward to seeing Dominick continue to grow and succeed in school and in life!