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Ready, Set, Read–Tacoma!

Ready, Set, Read—Tacoma! (RSR-T) is an engaging preschool literacy and kindergarten readiness program that aims to help children prepare for the transition into a school setting. By the time children enter kindergarten, they are expected to know the individual sounds that letters make, recite the alphabet, finish a rhyming sentence, and many other skills set forth by WaKIDS Standards. RSR-T helps children to develop these skills by giving them access to books, providing incentives to read, and giving families the tools and knowledge to enhance their own at-home reading.

The RSR-T program is offered at 22 preschools and Head Start programs in the Tacoma School District. At participating locations, the Teacher Librarian holds a weekly story time in the library for preschool-aged children using one of the 75 RSR-T books. Each of the books in the RSR-T collection focuses on one or more of the prerequisite kindergarten reading skills, and after story time children can check out the books to take home. Every RSR-T book contains reading tips, tailored reading activities, and suggestions for similar books (available at local Tacoma Public School Libraries and Tacoma Public Libraries), which helps participating families enrich their own, at-home story times and extend learning opportunities. As children and families read through the collection the children earn prizes when they reach milestones in reading. These incentives encourage children to read more books and help establish story time and reading as a part of an ongoing routine.

Establishing partnerships between schools, families, and communities, RSR-T surrounds our students with a network of caring individuals, ensuring that they start school prepared and ready to learn. To learn more about Ready, Set, Read-Tacoma! Click Here


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