Resource Development Strategy


Increase new fundraising revenue sources to sustain our work
and ensure all students graduate with a college and career
readiness plan for their future.

Communities In Schools of Tacoma is focusing efforts by providing students with academic and non- academic wraparound services to improve student outcomes. Funding requires $75,000 per school site to deliver the CIS Model of services to successfully meet the need of disadvantaged students in our community. This investment will make an enormous impact on the effect of the school environment for all students. Together we can make real change by providing the following integrated student supports:

  • 50 students will have access to extra after-school academic tutoring and mentoring support with a caring adult to track their Attendance, Behavior and Course performance.
  • 100 students will participate in after-school enrichment activities such as physical fitness, arts, STEM activities, community service, and leadership opportunities
  • 30 homeless, or those students living in poverty and their families will be provided weekly food packs, clothing, hygiene products, and other basic needs while they are transitioning to stable living arrangements
  • 100 family members will have access to educational services to learn and acquire new skill sets that will help with new job opportunities.

In addition to funding, our resource development strategy includes developing a strong network of partner organizations to help address basic needs such as healthy food, clothing, and housing, transportation, safety and health care.