Ready, Set, Read-Tacoma Forms

Enrollment can be completed in a number of ways. The greenest option is our electronic form. Alternatively, the Fillable RSRT Enrollment Form 2018  can be filled out electronically and emailed or printed for your local participating librarian.

A poster of Ready, Set, Read books (downloadable below) and a Complete Book List  helps families plan what book to choose next and allows them to track the books they read.

Activities for each book bolster early learning and provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your child’s imagination. These are in the process of being updated and will be uploaded before school starts. Please note that these activities and book lists will be updated throughout the year as new books are added and others go out of print. These were last updated on August 23, 2018.

Book Logs

Communities In Schools’ Ready, Set, Read-Tacoma along with Tacoma Public Schools has placed a set of 75 age-appropriate books in each participating school’s library. Once or twice a week, a librarian or a volunteer educator holds a story time in the school library with preschool aged children both from preschools within the elementary schools and from the community. By attending weekly RSR-T story times with their children, parents are able to see story times modeled by certified librarians. A wealth of information and resources, these Teacher Librarians can help parents support their young learners by teaching reading strategies that parents can use at home. As our librarians receive ongoing training and support, they are able to constantly offer the latest information to our parents and families.

The incentive program helps us to monitor books read by children and families. For every 10 books they read, they receive a small prize to help motivate them to keep reading. Once a child reads 60 books from the RSR-T collection they are considered a Ready, Set, Read-Tacoma! Champion. RSR-T has an annual end of the year celebration were we recognize the RSR-T Champions and their families. The children are highly praised by the Tacoma Public School Board and presented with their very own celebrity style READ Poster, gifts and a medal. This event gives children a sense of accomplishment and high regard for their hard work, by grown-ups who care about their education and self-esteem. We are currently working to add more prizes for the upcoming school year, stay tuned!

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