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Metropolitan Development Council Rental Assistance

MDC is offering rental assistance to Tacoma residents who are also eligible for their energy assistance program beginning in March on a first-come, first-served basis. Energy Assistance must be received before applying for rental assistance. Click the link above to learn more about eligibility and documentation required to access this program.

Contact MDC: 253-572-5557

Tacoma Housing Authority

The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) offers two types of assistance for families in need of housing support: 1) Affordable housing properties, which are owned and operated by THA; and 2) a Rental Assistance Program which helps tenants pay rent to a landlord in non-THA owned housing. There is a wait list for both programs, so it’s recommended to check the THA website for eligibility and wait list status and sign up to get alerts with updates.

Contact THA: 253-207-4400

Affordable Apartments allows prospective tenants to search for housing based on location and affordability, helping tenants locate units in their price range. The website displays pricing, availability, and contact information of available units.