Kindergarten Expectations Each child entering Kindergarten in Washington is evaluated by their teachers with the WAKIDS assessment to see their level of readiness in 6 categories.

Play to Learn is a FREE program for children and adults to play TOGETHER! There are 22 community locations throughout Pierce County!

Play to Learn is for parents, grandparents, neighbors, family, and friends who nurture children ages six and under. Thematic curriculum invites individual play, fun group activities, songs, and a whole group circle time for children and adults to enjoy together—no registration required to attend.

Pathway Program – TPS student numbers act as a library card at Tacoma Public Libraries!

BookFlix – Watch online Scholastic book video storybooks from a computer or smartphone. Log in with your Student ID or Tacoma public library card number. Each storybook is paired with a non-fiction book and extension activities that stretch learning farther! Don’t forget to log those RSR books!

Washington Library Association Children’s Choice Book Awards – Students can vote for their favorite books from an annually selected list of books. WLA also provides coordinating activities. This is an excellent followup for champions to continue adventuring in books

Booked on Hilltop – Distributes free books to the Hilltop area. Our goal is to build literacy and community.

Book to Barbershop – Our local barbers are sharing the joy of reading with their K-5th grade customers!

Whole Child Access Pass -Tacoma Metro Parks provides free access pass
for those enrolled in TPS Schools. This card provides discounted and free access to many locations around Tacoma!