What is the 253 Impact Zone?

The 253 Impact Zone is our effort to create a healthy, thriving, community in South Tacoma. Each month, CIS convenes a meeting comprised of service providers, school district staff, local government officials, and community residents to explore education on topics relevant to the South Tacoma community.

Meeting attendees have benefited from education on topics like Toxic Stress and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), human trafficking prevention, homeless services and policies, food bank resources, and exciting projects like the Action Mapping Project (AMP) and Participatory Budgeting taking place in South Tacoma. Members also benefit from the opportunity to network with others–some wonderful partnerships have grown out of the 253 Impact Zone!

Meetings are open to anyone who has an interest in the lives or outcomes of residents in South Tacoma. If you are interested in joining the 253 Impact Zone email list for updates and invites to meetings, please reach out to Nova Hernandez at nhernan@tacoma.k12.wa.us or call 253-571-4978.