Successful Students

Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a box below… and be inspired. If you have a story or a comment about how Communities In Schools made a difference in your life, please share it with us.


Brook is an 8th grader and second year participant in the Project RISE after school program.  He currently has all A’s in his classes, but it hasn’t been the easiest time.  Brook has had several personal setbacks this year; not knowing if his family is going to…


Julianna came to CIS of Tacoma in need of credits to graduate, but we have already been able to help her with so much more. Since the beginning of this school year, Julianna has been meeting with a CIST provided tutor to help her with her Apex…


After CIS connected him with one of our tutors from UPS, Elijah turned his failing grade in Algebra into an A.


On her original intake forms where students are asked to identify needed resources Natalia simply wrote “support”.


She looks forward to reading group each week.


It is not easy being a teen mom and finishing high school but Ana makes it look that way.


In the year and a half before coming to Oakland, Lauren had been enrolled at three high schools and the Internet Academy.


We recognize Jaden for her dedication to turning her life around this school year.  Jaden is currently acknowledged as a Junior, but looking at her transcript is a bleak picture.  As of late winter, Jaden was going to be extremely credit deficient going into her Senior year.…


Leo began the year performing below expectations in reading. He was identified by the school staff as “at-risk” and joined the All Star Reading Program. Leo’s parents were concerned and added supplemental reading activities at home, but he needed a little more. Since fall, he has been…


Max is on the road to reading success!


...Iyania was able to earn an A on her Geometry exam and she says that she could not have done it without Carol.


After attending seven schools and making a move from California, Jay came to Oakland quietly with not much confidence. He had been abused in his past and came here being behind in credits.  Since then, Communities In Schools of Tacoma has assisted Jay in many ways to…


Sometimes kids get lost in the shuffle. Tyree is one of those kids. At the beginning of the second semester last year, Tyree’s counselor noticed he was a class requirement short, a senior’s worse nightmare, he needed a Civics class to graduate. Fortunately, his high school was in…

Ben & Yosselin

They have already hit their target Goal and the year isn’t over yet.


Living with his grandmother and raising a daughter have not made life easy.


He’s working hard to learn English and helps his fellow ELL students with their class work.


When she tested in May this year, her teacher was so excited about her results, that she called her site coordinator right away to let her know that Ariyah had scored a 30!


"I believe this program has been a positive influence on Hope because she now reads (using the pictures) to her one year old cousin.”


Nathan is much more confident and excited about reading in the classroom.


Katie wishes she would have known about all the opportunities CIS offered when she was in middle school.
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