READY! Set, Read–Tacoma!

READY! Set, Read—Tacoma! (RSR-T) is an engaging pre-school literacy and kindergarten-readiness program that aims to help children prepare for the transition into a school setting. By the time children enter kindergarten, they are expected to know the individual sounds that letters make, recite the alphabet, finish a rhyming sentence, and many other skills. Each of the 75 books in the RSR-T book set focuses on at least one of the kindergarten expectations. In addition, they help establish story time and reading as a part of an ongoing routine, both in and out of the classroom.

By attending weekly RSR-T story times with their children, parents are able to see story times modeled by certified librarians. A wealth of information and resources, these teacher-librarians can help parents support their young learners by teaching reading strategies that parents can use at home. Additionally, each RSR-T book contains reading tips, tailored reading activities, and suggestions for similar books (available at our local public schools and libraries). Establishing partnerships between schools, families, and communities, RSR-T surrounds our students with a network of caring individuals, ensuring that they start school prepared and ready to learn.

Stay tuned for the 2015-16 RSR-T story time schedule.

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